Employee Award

The Raymond F. McCaskey Diversity & Inclusion award honors employees who demonstrate commitment to diversity and model inclusive behaviors. The honoree’s actions must positively impact the business environment, customer satisfaction and the community’s perception of our company.

This year, the winner was Waleska McQuarters, senior supervisor, Service Delivery and Operations, at the Tulsa Full Service Unit (FSU). Waleska, has been with HCSC for 16 years and is an outstanding champion of diversity and inclusion.

Waleska was instrumental in establishing the Latinos for Advancement (LA) Business Resource Group (BRG) chapter in Oklahoma, and she serves as its chairperson. Under her leadership, the LA BRG adopted a long-term community partner, San Miguel Middle School, which is located in a lower-income, predominantly Latino neighborhood in Tulsa. Recently, through the LA’s involvement, we provided the school with books to launch its eighth-grade after-school book club.

Waleska participates in other diversity-related community activities, such as the recent Corporate Challenge in Tulsa at The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges.

As part of her commitment to diversity and inclusion, she believes all employees should feel empowered to make a difference through their performance, ideas, skill sets, creativity and uniqueness. Motivated by these beliefs, Waleska is helping us make a difference in a diverse community and build on our reputation as an organization that cares.