Employee Groups

We have a long history of building a diverse and inclusive environment and our employees are what make us who we are. Employee groups play an important role in achieving key business objectives.

Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are an essential component to implementing diversity and inclusion strategies at Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC). They add value by supporting and contributing to business goals, enhancing community outreach efforts and strengthening the talent pipeline. BRGs are also helping us to reach new consumer markets as well as creating a diverse and inclusive workplace through celebration of our differences and similarities.

African Americans in Motion (AAIM) READ MORE LESS

AAIM’s mission is to provide African American employees, and those supportive of our goals, with the professional development tools and networking opportunities to cultivate successful careers that will further enhance and develop the HCSC workforce. AAIM empowers members to develop skills and leadership capabilities in support of business efforts and community involvement.

Asian American Business Resource Group (AABRG) READ MORE LESS

AABRG proudly unites and serves the community of HCSC employees from Asian-American backgrounds. This BRG represents employees from highly diverse cultures, languages and dialects and provides a distinctive approach to supporting diversity and inclusion.

Engaging Millennial Energy to Recognize Growth Enterprisewide (EMERGE) READ MORE LESS

EMERGE seeks to leverage the unique generational differences in our current workplace and aims to highlight the unique perspectives that millennial employees bring to the workforce.


In-Abled champions inclusion for people with disabilities by increasing awareness and providing educational and professional development opportunities to HCSC employees and associates; addressing the needs and concerns of employees with disabilities and as caregivers; promoting active recruitment, development and advancement of employees with disabilities; and fostering partnerships with public and private agencies that advocate and support people with disabilities.

Latinos for Advancement (LA) READ MORE LESS

LA supports the strategic goals of promoting a diverse workforce and advancing the health and wellness of its members and the communities in which we operate. Our objectives include the development of the Latino emerging market, influencing wellness in the Latino community and supporting HCSC’s diverse workforce development.

Pride Alliance READ MORE LESS

Pride Alliance is a resource group advocating a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees. As a diverse employee resource group, Pride Alliance will support the company’s business objective of developing a successful, diverse workforce, through Pride Alliance’s sponsored educational seminars, open membership policy, networking, mentoring, visibility, community outreach efforts, and employee cultural awareness activities.

Native Americans in Progress (NAIP) READ MORE LESS

NAIP members engage in various community-focused efforts and initiatives that promote American Indian health and wellness. They aim to be a trusted resource for empowering American Indian staff in their professional development and advancement.

Supporters of Military Veterans (SMVH) READ MORE LESS

SMVH contributes to HCSC’s efforts to attract, retain, advance and support employee veterans and their families by collaborating with HR to recruit veterans with disabilities and other military veterans. Members also develop awareness and sensitivity programs to support hiring and retention of veterans with disabilities and other military veterans, support business efforts, relationships, and foster HCSC’s diverse workforce development by engaging and enhancing opportunities for veterans of the U. S. Military. SMVH members also establish standard veteran support, celebration and memorial events/activities to take place throughout the company.

Women Improving the Strength of the Enterprise READ MORE LESS

WISE promotes mutually beneficial relationships at HCSC by leveraging the unique talents of women with a focus on fostering innovative change, creating professional development opportunities and contributing to business success. They leverage women’s knowledge and expertise for retention, growth in new market segments, and insight into products and services. Members are trusted resources for empowering women in their professional development and encourage employees to engage in various community-focused activities that promote women’s health and wellness.

Employee Networks

Like a Business Resource Group, Employee Networks (EN) are extensions of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion. They provide an informal space for people who share an interest, with the purpose of enhancing one’s personal knowledge in a variety of areas. ENs help connect members to more global cultural perspectives external to HCSC and help to promote an inclusive work environment through social and  networking forums.

The Diversity Forum READ MORE LESS

The Diversity Forum fosters an inclusive and culturally competent work place in which employees share a mutual understanding and respect for each other. The Forum provides an informal space for people to enhance their knowledge in a variety of areas, connect members to cultural perspectives internal and external to HCSC, and sponsor social and educational forums.


Europa leverages the power of diverse thinking of its multicultural membership to promote diversity through cultural awareness activities, networking, career development, and connecting with our members through community outreach.

Voices of Diversity READ MORE LESS

Voices of Diversity is an ensemble of employees who perform concerts throughout the year, internally and externally. Music is their unifying element to support and promote the company’s brand and commitment to diversity.

Professional Association

Our professional association helps to develop the next generation of leaders in our organization.


Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) is a global member-focused organization that serves the professional well-being of its stakeholders. The organization is a catalyst for professional growth and technical development for all of our employees in the IT profession.