Managing Conditions

Chronic conditions usually can’t be cured by medication, but they can be managed to ensure those affected don’t suffer debilitating side effects or have their disease progress. We work with hospitals, clinics and researchers who are finding innovative high-tech and high-impact ways to keep chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma under control.

One of our collaborations is with the American Lung Association for the Upper Midwest (ALAUM). Since 2012, we have teamed up the ALAUM on the Enhancing Care for Children with Asthma Project. Working directly with health centers, the ALAUM employs an evidence-based framework to improve the quality of care and make sustainable changes in the health care system. The organization is working to establish an ideal chronic care model where patients are informed and engaged in their treatment plans while clinic staffers are prepared and proactive in their approach to better managing care. And it seems to be working: hospitalizations are down 58 percent.

Some of the other care management programs we support: