Support After a Loss or Disaster

When our members lose a family member or go through another type of tragedy, the last thing we want them dealing with is a stack of medical bills and health insurance claim forms. Our Seasons of Life program supports our members and their families through difficult and painful times by helping them handle health care claims and doctor’s bills.

A team of specially trained customer advocates help resolve any health insurance matters for members who have:

  • Recently passed away
  • Gone through a natural disaster or other traumatic event

Caring for Family Members Who’ve Lost a Loved One

After we learn that one of our members has passed away, a dedicated customer advocate reaches out to the surviving family member or friend who can act on behalf of the deceased. The customer advocate offers condolences and their assistance in resolving any health care claims, medical bills and other questions the family member may have.

Assisting Members After a Natural Disaster

After a natural disaster has occurred, a Seasons of Life customer advocate reaches out to members in the affected area to assist them with any health insurance questions or needs they may have. Customer Advocates can help them get a replacement member ID card, refill prescriptions and find doctors and hospitals nearby. In 2015, Seasons of Life customer advocates assisted hundreds of members after seven natural disasters occurred in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.